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In the hyper connected and fast changing world of today, Learning Compass believes that no one can WIN alone. Winning (or in our case, selecting and developing children) is only possible with, what we call “Winning Coalitions”: individuals, foundations and companies who will bring expertise, capabilities, technology and access to the local communities to the table. We want to work with other people and/or foundations who have a similar view to us. Because working strongly together with others will support our aim to make a real impact in North Eastern Thailand for underprivileged children.

We have one British partner, Keith James, who works with a Thai company, providing English learning programs to Thai government schools. Through these connections we ‘have access’ to students, we know which are the better schools and in cooperation with the teachers we can reach the best students. His wife Pathitta (Jimmy) James is Thai and assists with selection/translation. She experienced the reality of coming from a family who could not afford education beyond the age of 14 so had to quit school and go out to work herself.

Learning Compass has established another partnership with an existing foundation, Philanthropy Connections, based in Chiang Mai. This foundation has a broader scope than only education and they work throughout Southeast Asia . Philanthropy Connections, passionately led by Mr. Sallo Polak, has access to children in need, and we are very glad that they help us finding the right children in need and assist us with screening and follow-up.