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Q. Why do we as foreigners want to help students in Thailand?

We want to give something back to a country where we have lived in for several years now and that has given us so much. We have experienced and enjoyed a lot of smiles of Thai people and we have the dream to help generate more smiles on the faces of particularly young people in this beautiful country.

We have children ourselves (3 of them with the Canadian and 3 of them with the Dutch nationality). It will give us lots of satisfaction if our foundation can help/support Thai underprivileged children so that they can reach the same potential as our own kids.

Q. Why do we have a Thai board member?

We want to involve the Thai community as much as possible and think this starts in our own organization. As Salilla herself got the opportunity to get a scholarship, she is good example of how a student can be empowered for a better future. As she is grateful for the opportunity she had in life, she want to give back to underprivileged students in her own country.

Q. Why are we registered in the Netherlands?

As one of the founding board members has Dutch nationality, it was a logical decision to start up in the Netherland. As we want to be as transparent as possible, it’s easier for us in the Netherlands, where we understand the laws and regulations. In the Netherlands we can obtain a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) status, through which donators can rely on strict screening of the foundation. This is very important to us.

Q. Why did we set up our own foundation?

We have a dream. We wish to use our personal network to reach our goals and to take our own decision on how, who, when, where we can support students. We want to act quickly if needed and not be dependent on others to make our dream come true.

As we fund the first few students ourselves, we hope to show our commitment to stress the importance of our ambition.